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Ultimate PvP/PvM/WoE Lord Knight Build

Note from the author: the below guide is not for people who are new the game . If u are new to the game then please visit other guides about knights and then visit here.I hope that those people who are reading this guide know the basics of how the game functions and about the knight class.

DO NOT JUMP TO THE FINAL BUILD LISTED HERE!!. Read all the pros and cons and then proceed.

Introduction to Lord Knights(LK):

LK’s have the highest HP mode in game i.e simply they gain the highest HP with respect to vit, and yes even more than paladins.Lk’s have very nice offensive as well as defensive skills and have very high survivability.

They have good offensive power but not as much as other pure offensive class e.g(champion,assasin cross)
and have good defensive but not as much as pure defensive classes e.g(vit paladins). So LK’s are a good blend of power and durability. Much skill(and money!!) is needed to perfect the art of playing a lord knight effectively.

Different builds of Lord Knights:

There are three main LK builds and the fourth special build.

1)Two-Hand quiken parry Lord Knights
2)Spear bowling bash(BB) LKs/Spear clashing spiral(CS) LKs
3)one handed sword BB LK using link
4)Ultimate pvp/pvm/woe LK build(This is the special build that you are interested in)

1)Two-Hand quiken parry Lord Knights

This is the staple LK build and one of the most common and popular build in ragnarok.this build uses the skill parry with two handed swords with 2 handed quiken to reduce incomming meele attacks by 55% i.e it blocks 55% of all attacks on the player.

This is the best PVM build among LKs because parry acts like two racial carded shields and reduces the consumption of healing items , but this build very weak agains magic and is not advisable for for people who are intrested in serious pvping and woeing.

Rare weapons like the executioner can be used to have a very high dps but the 10% extra damage and the missing carnial shield is too greater a handicap for this build.


VIT build

str 100~120
vit 70~90
agi 20~50
dex 40~60
int 1~6
luk 1

AGI build

str 100~120
agi 70~90
vit 30~60
dex 40~60
int 1~6
luk 1

a)Very good build agains monsters and to level up.

b)A very cheap build as compared to other LK builds.

c)High dps with berserk pot,agi up and 2 handed quiken,can break emperium very fast with 190 aspd(berserk skill).

a)Weak vs magic attacks.

b)Quite brittle if parry fails to block powerful attacks.

c)Not a good build for pvp and woe.

2) [a]Spear bowling bash Lord Knights

This build utilises spears mainly pike[4] with different set of cards as the main offensive weapon.
A spear gains more damage if the user is riding peco peco (Dont know if its true with the latest updates).

This build can use shields and can do good damage using BB and bash.Because of the use of spear the aspd is quite low, so the dps of this build is also low,due to this it is not an advisable build for pvp/woe, it can still do good damage but not threatning damage.By using weapons like brocca this build can do high damage,but to have good dps it need highter amount of agi which is not advisable at all.

the only viable build for spear type is the hybrid vit/agi LK.If u go less agi then the dps will b too low to do serious damage.

str 100~120
vit 50~70
agi 40~60
dex 50
int 1~6
luk 1

a)Can do higher damage per hit than sword builds because of spear atk bonus for mounted LKs.

b)A very versatile build with many skills to use in pvm/pvp/woe.

c)level up is quite easy because of pierce and bowling bash.

a)Poor aspd as compared to sword builds.

b)Poor dps because of poor aspd.

c)Most of the spear skills except spear boomerang to some extent is usless in woe(in pvp its useful).

2) [b]Spear clashing spiral build(CS)

This build is sometimes refered to as the old school LK build because this build was very famous during the initial implementation of 2nd job class.

This type uses the skills clashing spiral to achieve the high damage. Clashing spiral can do anything from 2.5k to 5k+ damage to a player depending on the reductions.

It requires high investment on dex, str can be neglected or reduced considerably because most of the damage is taken from the weight of the spear than the players str.

CS has a cast time and cooldown time, the cast time can be reduced by increasing dex but the cooldown time(2 sec) cannot be reduced without outside help(strings).Due to this the dps of this build is the least among all the LK builds.

this build can have highest vit/HP for LKs, and can have very high hit rate.

str 50~100 (str can b minimum,if going for pure spiral LK)
vit 99
dex 70~100
agi 1~30
int 1~30
luk 1

a)Can do high damage with just 1 hit.

b)Has high vit and dex , thus increasing hit rate, defence and HP.

c)With support like strings and lex aterna can do very high damage on large monsters.

a)Has very less apsd as compared to other builds,can never achieve 190 aspd with spear+berserk.

b)Has very less dps due to poor aspd.

c)Can be completely blocked by penuma.

d)Due to cast time this skill can be hidden from easily(hide accessory).

e)Very Less damage in woe because of long range skills reduction.

3) One-handed quicken LK build

This build uses knight spirit from soul linker to use the one handed quiken skill.This skill is similar to 2 handed quiken but increases aspd of 1 handed swords.

This build can have as much dps as the 2 handed parry build if not more.Has the shield equiped all the time hence has high damage reduction.

This build has no ranged skills except charge attack which is quite weak skill.Bowling bash and bash are the only two effective offensive skills.

This build is one of the most pwerful LK builds in terms or offense to defence ratio.Has endure lvl 10 and head crush, gives mdef and status.

Can include use of spear skills but ill talk about it later!!.

str 100~120
vit 80~100
dex 50~60
agi 30~40
int 1~6
luk 1

a)Has high apsd with the use of 1 handed quiken skill can reach 190 aspd effectively.
b)Dps is also very high due to increase in aspd coupled with bowling bash.
c)One of the best builds for pvp/woe.

a)Cannot use high end weapons like brocca or executioner to its maximum potential as compared to other specific builds (doesnot have any spear skills to complement brocca use , dose not have parry to complement executioner use).

b)Not very effective in pvm.Needs many shields with different cards and weapons.

c)Dosenot have any ranged skills except charge atk which is weak.

d)Once the link weares off then its not possible to use 1 hand quicken again(soul link dependent).

e)can b crippled by using dispel.

f)Not a versatile build at all.

Varsitile LK with mix-match skills from other builds:-

A) Bowling bash - clashing spiral spear build

this build is a hybrid between speak BB LK and spear CS LK.
it has both BB and clashing spiral to use in specific situations.

a)You have both BB and CS^^.
b)Leveling up is very easy because u have 3 of the best pvm skills available(BB,CS,Pierce).

a)BB requires high str and CS requires high dex to work effectively,so if u up str and dex to a considerable amount like 110 str and 70 dex,then it is not possible to have more than 70 vit which is not at all good for LKs.

b)agi will be 30 with this build so dont hope to drop many with BB.

c)this build will have lees HP and less defence so making it less durable.

d)Very high money investment on equips is required for this build since pvp pike and hydra hunting spear is a must.

B) 1 hand quicken - clashing spiral build
this is really a something build because ITS JUST SOO WIERD!!,this build will really be a surpice for people.

a)Great aspd with 1 hand quicken skill.

b)PVM will be easy because of 1 shot level up with CS skill.

a)Pierce skill can not be maxed.

b)CS will b less useful after level up is complete as the most offensive skill here will be 1HQ BB^^.

C)The parry-clashing spiral build

This buildis not possible because after you take BB and CS you are only left with 6 skills to put in to parry!.

4) Ultimate pvp/pvm/woe LK build

So, this is the icing on the cake, the build which incorporates all the positive aspects of all the above builds.


The six majoy skills that this build has is
a)One hand sword mastry lvl 10
b)Two hand sword mastry lvl 10
c)Parry lvl 10
d)Spear mastry lvl 10
e)Bowling Bash lvl 10
f)Bash lvl 10

you need at least 68 job lvls to get every thing, but its worth the wait.


a)Since 2 hand quiken + parry is the best pvm skills(Blocks 55% of all incoming melle atks+ great aspd) level up will be piece of cake.

b)Very high aspd(182) and dps because of 1 hand quiken + berserk pot. 1HQ builds are the best in pvp/woe.

c)2 hand sword mastery and spear mastery both lvl 10 allows you to use both brocca and executioner(if u get them) effectively without any loss in damage potential.

d)Has high aspd with less agi,which means that more points can be given to vit(more vit is always nice).

e)In woe you can use 1HQ + BB to achieve high dps without loosing your carnial shield,When link wears off then can switch to spear or 2 handed sword+parry.So this build can never be totally crippled by dispell.

f)Can achieve 190 aspd in 2 ways(what more could want).

g)Can use every weapon available to LKs effectively.

a)There is absolutely no disadvantages to this build,at least in my mind.

b)Has no spear skills whatsoever (no spear stab,pierce,spear boom,CS,brandish spear) 99% of all the spear skills are useless in woe,except spear boom to some extent, but let the snipers do the ranged status giving(hehe). As for breaking casts use provoke or just BB spam them.

c)You will not miss CS ever, if you play this build.(BB out shines CS/brandish in nearly all aspects)

str 94+1+15 or 92+1+2+15 (evil/angel wing ears ,+9 firelock footwear)
vit 85+8
dex 51+9 (60 dex w/o buffs and 70 dex with buffs gives very high hit rate(221)and even more if coupled with bash)
agi 32+8 (this gives 182+ aspd which means awsome dps)
int 1~6 (just pot a few blues or RJs !!)
luk 1 (do you really need this ?)


a) 1 handed sword must be your preferred offensive weapon against players because of the following reasons brocca surely does more damage per hit but has less aspd.So 1HQ will do more damage over time(use brocca to kill high def chars like 99 vit paladin with +10 equips!!)

Executioner has the Power to kill any 1 because of dps and ignore def of opponent, but the 10% extra damage from demihumans and the missing crucial shield can not be compensated. You will be 1 shotted easily if you use executioner in all situations.

b) While it is possible to use 1 handed swords as emperium breaking weapon, it is highly not advisable because you will be dispelled 99% of the time even before entering the emp room. After you loose link u cant recast 1 HQ so kiss breaking emp good bye. So it is advised to go 2handed sword + parry for breaking emps.

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