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Ragnarok Boss Cards

Ragnarok Boss Cards

April 4th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Ragnarok Guide

The Ragnarok MVP Cards or Boss Cards are the most coveted cards in Ragnarok Online. You can get the RO boss cards in three ways. First, through hunting the respective ro mvp monsters – but let's face it, that's is difficult to do as you have lots of competition. Second, by buying them but those ragnarok boss cards that you probably want is worth billions of zeny. Third, purchase scrolls from hypermart and if you are lucky iRL, could get the boss card that you really want.

The following are guides on all the boss cards- where to compound them and the experience in using it.

Ragnarok Headgear Boss Cards

White Lady / Bacsojin Card – Increases effectiveness of your Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher by 30%. Increases SP taken by all skills by 15%.

RO Guide: This is useful for Alchemist class and Priest class. But the problem is the increase sp on all skills 15%. That's a bummer. This RO boss card is useful only when the priest is assigned to cast sanctuary at the guild warp station. For alchemist class, who uses potion pitcher in WOE anyway, everyone should be responsible for their own pots!

Evil Snake Lord Card – Never be affected by Blind and Curse effects. INT + 3

RO Guide: Blind and Curse are not that of a hassle. The addition of the INT stat is great for Acid Demonstration Biochemists and Guillotine Fist Monks though

High Wizard Card – Ignores MDEF of normal monsters. Slows your casting time by 2x. Reduces SP regeneration rate by 100%. Drain 2000 SP as the headgear is unequipped.

RO Guide: I'm afraid that this Boss Card is a major turn off – although the ignore mdef part is great, the downsides aren't.

Kiel-D-01 Card - Reduces all skill's after-cast delay by 30%.

RO Guide: The Kiel Card mvp card best works with the Sura class as they could spam their skills non-stop

Lord Knight Card – Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Maximum HP – 50%

RO Guide: Berserk just increases attack speed. I guess this is good for merchant/whitesmith/blacksmith when leveling.

Mistress Card – Nullify the Gemstone requirement of certain spells at the cost of increasing SP Consumption by 25% when using skills.

RO Guide: This boss card is best used by the magnus build priests – although the increase sp consumption of 25% is a bummer. I find it hard to level because I always loose sp.

Orc Hero Card – Gain immunity to the Stun status. VIT + 3

RO Guide: This is one of my favorite card to use because when your character gets stunned it becomes useless. This RO  mvp card is perfect for wizards or for any low vit characters.

Pharoah Card – Reduce SP Consumption of skills by 30%.

RO Guide: I use this boss card on leveling – perfect for Clowns/Wanderer class – spamming Arrow Vulcan all the way.

Vesper Card – Every time you do a Magical attack, it ignores 30% of Boss-type monster's MDEF, and does damage accordingly. DEX + 2

RO Guide: This could have been the perfect boss card for characters with magical attacks only if it works for all type of monsters.


Ragnarok Armor Boss Cards

Detale / Detardeurus Card – Gain protection from the Freeze status. Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Land Protector around the user when the user receives Magical Damage. MDEF – 20

RO Guide: This is one of the most useful card when attacking and upon entering the emperium castle

Hatii Card – Add a 50% chance of auto casting 'Freeze' on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.

RO Guide: Unfortunately, this boss card has becoming useless over the years. Freeze? Everyone is wearing an anti freeze armor on WOE. And during leveling, it isn't much of help.

Gloom Under Night Card – Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster, Demon monster by 40%.

RO Guide: Only a few of cards increases damage on holy, shadow, angel and demon so I guess this is a good mvp card is you are leveling on monsters with that property. Rachel Sanctuary perhaps?

High Priest Card - Every time you receive a Magical or a Physical Damage, small chance to auto-spell Level 1 Assumptio on yourself.

RO Guide: This ragnarok mvp card is great to have on war of emperium

Ktullanux Card – Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 50%. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Frost Nova on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.

RO Guide: So I guess this Ktullanux Card is best used when leveling in Thor Volcano

Orc Lord Card – Reflect 30% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.

RO Guide: This ragnarok boss card is best used when solely attacking a castle and you are against everyone.

RSX-0806 Card – Can not be knocked back. VIT + 3. Make an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).

RO Guide: When everyone is fully coated during war of emperium, this is ragnarok mvp card very much useless

Tao Gunka Card – Maximum HP + 100%. DEF – 50, MDEF – 50

RO Guide: This ro boss card is one of the favorites and a must have for all job classes especially for the melee. Although the DEF – 50, MDEF -50 might turn you off, bu c'mon, just equip yourself with thousands of pots and you can annihilate lots of players.


Ragnarok Weapon Boss Cards

Atroce - ATK + 25. When dealing a physical attack there is a small chance that for 10 seconds your aspd will increase by 100%.

RO Guide: This mvp card is great for leveling for melee characters.

Baphomet Card – Endow a weapon with damage that will splash 9 cells around the character with each attack. HIT – 10

RO Guide: I remember on the early days of Ragnarok, Baphomet was the favorite MVP of all players. This is the Ragnarok Boss Card that I would like to have for my assassin/thief/whitesmith that I could use when leveling and woe. This is a perfect mob killer.

Doppelganger Card – Enable faster Attack Speed so long as the weapon to which this card is compounded is equipped.

RO Guide: This is the perfect boss card to equip if you are looking for a fast kill. Emperium breakers should have this as well.

Dracula Card – Enable a 10% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as SP with each attack.

RO Guide: So the 10% chance kind of sucks. I have never seen anyone trying to buy this Ragnarok MVP Card – so if ever you have one, just use it for yourself.

Drake Card – Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size.

RO Guide: The drake boss card is one of the favorites to be equipped in weapon when hunting down MVPs or during WOE.

Samurai Specter Card – Ignore normal monster's defense when attacking. Reduces natural HP recovery by 100% and drain 666 HP every 10 seconds. Drain 999 HP as the weapon is unequipped.

RO Guide: Yet another boss card that assassins class loves but the 666 HP drain is a bummer. Plus you can't always change weapon as it also drains HP.

Stormy Knight Card – Add a 2% chance of auto casting Level 2 Storm Gust on the enemy when attacking. Has 20% chance of Freezing an enemy when attacking.

RO Guide: The 2% chance % is too low.

Lord of Death Card – Add a 0.1% chance of auto casting 'Coma' on an enemy. Add a 5% chance of auto casting Stun, Curse, Silence, Poison, External Bleeding on the enemy when attacking.

RO Guide: Imagine having a 4 slotted weapon compounded with LOD boss card – you'll be the perfect support/frontliner in battles.

Phreeoni Card – HIT + 100

RO Guide: Never miss! A must have for melee characters – knights/whitesmiths/assasin

Sniper Card – Reduces HP recovery by 100%. Add a 5% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack.

RO Guide : What a boring and useless MVP card. So you loose your HP recovery and you only have 5% chance of gaining the target's HP.

Memory of Thanatos Card - Deals more damage depending on the target's defense. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack.
DEF – 30, Flee Rate – 30

RO Guide: This boss card is a perfect killer for those characters that has high VIT

Turtle General Card – Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. Add a 3% chance of automatically casting Level 10 Magnum Break on the enemy when attacking.

RO Guide: The 3% chance is a bummer but this is a favorite for melee characters as well.

Vakyrie Rangris Card – Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Dispell when attacking. Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). Increases Physical Attack Strength by 10%.

RO Guide: Dispell is good but for 1% Boo!

MasterSmith Card – Add a 10% chance of breaking the enemy's weapon and a 7% chance of breaking the enemy's armor when attacking.

RO Guide: Useless card as everyone is fully coated during WOE.


Ragnarok Shield Boss Cards

Golden Thief Bug Card – Nullify all magic spells, including supportive skills, that target the owner at the cost of doubling SP Consumption cost when using skills.

RO Guide: This card makes the wizards pretty much useless, but it disables of having the supportive skills. Bummer!

Maya Card – Reflect single target attack Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 50%).

RO Guide: This is one favorite skill used in WOE reflecting magic attacks to the Wizards but it's currently disabled. heh! I remember I was using a High Wizard character and my HP suddenly turned so low. Gaaah~


Ragnarok Garment Boss Card

Assassin Cross CardEnables use of Level 3 Cloaking.

RO Guide: Useful for characters that doesn't have Level 3 Cloaking


Ragnarok Footgear Boss Cards

Amon Ra Card – All Stats + 1. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison on the user when the user receives Physical Damage. [Base Intelligence = 99]. Add a chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison is increased to 10%.

RO Guide: I would love to have this card for my Biochemist and Priest!

Dark Lord Card – Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Meteor Storm on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
[+ Dark Illusion] Maximum HP and SP + 20%

RO Guide: I could level with this card even though I'm AFK. I love this card equipped with my magnus priest and alchemist.

Eddga Card – Enable effect of the Endure skill so long as the Footgear to which this card is compounded is equipped.
Maximum HP – 25%

RO Guide: Unfortunately, Endure skill is disabled in WOE so this pretty much has lessen its value.

Fallen Bishop /Fallen Bishom Ibram Card – MATK + 10%, Maximum SP – 50% Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman and Angel monster by 50%.

RO Guide: Best used by Biochemist on hunting MVPs with demi human and angel properties. It can also be used by monk class when casting Guillotine Fist.

Lady Tanee Card – Maximum HP – 40% Maximum SP + 50% Add a 2% chance of gaining 'Banana' each time a monster is killed.
Double Banana's healing rate.

RO guide: One funny boss card because of the banana effect, but this is great for monks though to increase the damage of their guillotine fist.

Moonlight Flower Card - Enable faster Movement Speed so long as the Footgear to which this card is compounded is equipped.

RO Guide: I love equipping this card when shopping in Prontera. This is pretty much useful in WOE so you wont rely with the priest's Increase Agility skill.

General Egnigem Cenia / Ygnizem Cenia Card – Every 10 seconds, you recover 50 HP and 10 SP. Increases Maximum HP and Maximum SP by 10%.

RO Guide: I would love to have this boss card. This would be very useful when I'm leveling


Ragnarok Accessory Boss Cards – RO boss card equipped as an accessory

Berzebub Card - Reduce Casting Time by 30%.

RO Guide: This is the card perfect for wizard class, imaging having 2 berzebub card equipped. That's why this card is disabled.

Ifrit Card - Increase ATK, Critical Rate, and HIT every 10 Job Level. Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 2 Earthquake on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.

RO Guide: This card has lots of potential especially on woe but the 1% auto casting is a pretty small chance

Osiris Card – Enable full HP and SP restoration when resurrected.

RO Guide: The perfect card when hunting MVPs. Just make sure you got a priest to resurrect you on your back.

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