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Thanatos Tower – Quest Guide

Thanatos Guide

This beam shows how to serve Thanatos Phantom during a tip of Thanatos Tower.

I'm not english speaker, so I'm contemptible about spelling mistakes ^^U

What do we need?

Releasing a boss:

Thanatos Quest – The Keys

To enter to Thanatos building we contingency go to hu_fild01, pronounce to a ensure and compensate a price to enter to a tower.

Inside, we have to pronounce to a Guide, called Ditze, and ask for a repairs on a tower.

She'll ask we going to a subsequent building to find a 2nd Floor Guide. Once we find him, he'll diverge we to a subsequent building (only if you're in a five-member party).

On a 3rd building we have to find a appurtenance that will give we a Red Key. You need to supply a Lv4 arms to obtain it.

On a 4th building we have to find another machine, though now you'll be compulsory to solve a puzzle. You have to theory 3 numbers between 1 to 9 (without repeating). Every spin we have to submit 3 numbers and a appurtenance will tell we how many of them are scold and how many of them are in a multiple though not in a right position. You have 5 attempts. If we fail, a appurtenance will reset and a formula will change. When we solve a puzzle, you'll obtain a Yellow Key. Only one thing… Just be patient.

On a 5th building we have to find a third machine, that will give we a Blue Key. Here you'll need during slightest 3 members of your celebration to open it. You have to get closer to a appurtenance and pronounce to it. Here you'll obtain a third key.

On a 6th building we have to find a final machine. This appurtenance has got 5 wheels that can switch in 3 positions. You have to switch all a wheels to make a same sound. This is a combination:

  1. 1st Small Wheel – Raise Wheel (1st option)
  2. 2nd Small wheel – Lower Wheel (2nd option)
  3. 1st Big Wheel - Vertically Shift Wheel (3rd option)
  4. 2nd Big Wheel – Raise Wheel
  5. 3rd Big Wheel – Raise Wheel

When we put them in a scold position it'll give we a Green Key.

Now you've to go to a 9th building and find another device to get a final key. The device is on a up-left dilemma and you'll have to submit a word Key to obtain a Black Key.

Thanatos Quest – The Charm Stones

The subsequent step is to get a Charm Stones. Every Key we get before will be to get a same attract (Green Key – Green Charm Stone, etc.)

You competence wish to start a building from a bottom to a tip again to get a attract stones after we have performed all a keys.

The initial one is the Blue Charm Stone and you'll find a sign to get it on a 4th floor. Speak to a sign and insert Blue Key to obtain a Blue Charm Stone.

The second one is a Red Charm Stone and you'll find a sign to get it on a 5th floor. The same as before, we pronounce to a sign and insert Red Key to obtain the Red Charm Stone.

The third one is a Black Charm Stone, a sign is on a 6th floor. The same as before, pronounce and insert Black Key to obtain the Black Charm Stone.

The subsequent one is a Yellow Charm Stone, a sign is on a 7th floor. Speak and insert Yellow Key and you'll obtain Yellow Charm Stone.

The final one is a Green Charm Stone, a sign is on a 10th building and you'll obtain a Green Charm Stone inserting Green Key when speaking.

Now we have all a Charm Stones we can go to a tip of a tower. You have to go to a 12th building and insert all a Charm Stones in their statues. Here is a map with a plcae of a statues.

In a initial statue we contingency insert a Red Charm Stone.

The second mill is a Yellow Charm Stone.

The subsequent one is a Blue Charm Stone.

The fourth one is a Black Charm Stone.

And finally, a final one, a Green Charm Stone.

When we insert all a Charm Stones a diverge will be non-stop in a core of a map and it'll diverge we to a tip of a tower. This diverge won't tighten until we kill a MVP, so if we still haven't killed it and other people who're not in your celebration come across, they'll be means to kill it though wanting to collect any Charm Stones (because a trail has already been opened).

Thanatos Quest – How to recover a Boss

(Finished by Staff due to beam inactivity, we suggest a author leave these unchanged.)

At a tip turn (thana_boss), this is where we will need a 4 fragments as mentioned during a commencement of a guide. Follow a instruction of a map below, go to any platforms to insert a analogous fragments. Each time there will be a beast summoned, we contingency kill it before going to a subsequent platform.

It seems there is no sold sequence compulsory to insert that initial or last, as prolonged as we insert a scold bit to each. Be clever that a submit could be box sensitive. For example, typing 'Fragment of Sorrow' will work though 'Fragment of sorrow' competence not.

At any platform, we have to step during nearby a core to activate a submit box. Be certain to have a scold fragments in your register … if not afterwards we contingency go back. The beast will serve as shortly as we strike enter, so we improved be means to tank a bit or do whatever it takes to stay alive (or only wait for res).

Recommended sequence is to start from Fragment of Sorrow (thana_boss 217,167):

Then work your proceed down clock-wise to Fragment of Agony (thana_boss 202,75):

Fragment of Hatred (thana_boss 80,76):

Fragment of Despair (thana_boss 62,171):

After a 4 fragments are extrinsic and monsters are defeated. You have to get to a north platform. In this north platform, we have to step nearby a core to trigger a beast summon. When we stepped onto a right tile (thana_boss 141,218), 4 monsters we formerly summoned and degraded will be summoned again right subsequent to we (be certain we can tank a few hits or only wait for res), again we contingency better them.

Once we have finished that, Thanatos Phantom and his minions will be watchful for we during his parent indicate (thana_boss 139,129).


1) If we are stranded during one of a tip floors looking for portal, this competence help: warp=thana_step

Click on a immature tag for a building we are now stranded in, it will uncover we a building map and also a immature tag to thana_step (that is a portal we should go to get out of that floor).

2) If we are removing a summary "The statue is emanating an heated light, creation it so hot" at a statues or "You can't proceed a design given it is generating heated heat." at a tip floor, that means Thanatos have been summoned not prolonged ago. You have to proceed during slightest 2 hours for a query to reset.

3) If we have finished a query and we wish to serve a Thanatos Phantom we need to get a 5 Charm Stones again, so we need to start again a whole query (but we don't need to pronounce to Ditze). Remember to wait 2 hours given we better a MVP.

4) If we don't find a diverge to a subsequent building in a un-mapped floors (from 9th to 12th) only demeanour here, a warps you're looking for can be marked.

Good luck~

Vahnadel RMS Staff

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